- Material: Grand grill: Steel, phosphated and coated in black plastic
- Wall ring: Sheet steel, pre-galvanised and coated in black plastic
- Blader: Sheet steel, coated in black
- Rotor: Coated in black
- Number of blades: 5
- Direction of rotation: Direction of air flow "V" counter-clockwise, direction of air flow "A" clockwise, seen on rotor
- Type of protection: IP 44
- Insulation class "B"
- Mounting position: Shaft horizontal or rotor on bottom; rotor on top on request
- Condensate discharges: Rotor-side
- Mode of operation: Continuous operation (S1)
- Bearings Maintenance-free ball bearings

- Made from a heat resistance ABS (Vo) plastic
- Air filter mat can be replaced and cleaned
- Self extinguishable
- Electrical connection by terminals
- No maintenance required
- RAL 7032 colour (same colour as enclosure)
- Mounted with screw

Ventilation fan model VF-130 and VF-255 can help reduce the temperature inside an enclosure. It is available for all control panels.

For both models, each set of ventilation fan includes from dust. This filter can help protect the enclosure from dust. This filter can be easily removed for woshing and cleaning. The mask of each ventilation fan is made from a heat resistance ABS (Vo) Plastic and can self-extinguish.

Moreover, the design of ventilation fan is suitable for limited spaces such as in a switchboard enclosure thereforn, avoiding the problem of installing in a limited space.
Model Air Volume (CFM.) Noise Level dB (A) Fan Voltage Power/ Current
VF-130 25 CFM. 47-53 dB (A) 220V. AC 50 Hz. 16/0.13 130x130 mm.
VF-255 120 CFM. 58 dB (A) 220V. AC 50 Hz. 4.0/0.3 255x255 mm.
AC axial fans A series, 250 VA-250
A series, O 250, drawings of directions of air "V" and "A"

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