TAMCO trunking system provide with three main products type. There are wire way, cable ladder, and cable tray. They are manufacturing based on NEMA standard.
Wire way are troughs with hinged or removable covers for housing and protecting electric wires and cable. Conductors are laid into the wire way after the wire way has been installed as a complete system.
Sivacon S8
Panel Builder
Switchboard Accessories
Trunking System
Storage Racking System
TAMCO as a panel builder try to make the electrical enclosure to meet with the customer requirements. There are varieties of enclosures to support the function of each customer projects. Our engineering team are worked closely with the customer in order to get to know what are their specification.
The SIVACON S8 low-voltage power distribution board sets new standards as a power distribution board or Motor Control Center (MCC) for industrial applications or in the infrastructure. The power distribution board system up to 7,000 A for the simple and consistent distribution of power guarantees maximum personal and system safety.
TAMCO provides the switchboard accessories which can help the customer to find the accessories very easy. So that the customer can save time and money. We also can help customer to search for the accessories that the customer need with a competitive prices. Our locks system also passed the IP55-65 testing which compatible with TAMCO's products.
TAMCO’s storage racking system emerging by a professional expertise in engineering and designing with over 20 years experiences which can completed any requirements in the logistics management solution.  We offer a technical support team during our warranty period for all required products. 
          TAMCO's knowledge center try to provid a technical information that concerned with the electrical switchboard enclosure, trunking system, and storage racking system to any interested person. You will have a more clearer picture in the area that may be doubted.
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          Thai Switchboard and Metal Work Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of a sheet metal work and metal fabrication since 1992 with over 20 years experiences in engineering and designing which our TAMCO products range are as follow:

          1. Electrical Enclosure
          2. Trunking System
          3. Stroage Racking System

           Our products are manufacturing and designing to suite the customer requirements based on the International Standard and Thai Standard. We also manufacture by a high technology machine which has a high precision for our products...